Kotaro Ide’s “Shell House”!

Photo: Architect designed “Shell house in Nagano Prefecture, Japan

Think like an architect next time you’re on a beach! Do that and you might well come up with a house like “Shell House.”

This house is clearly inspired by Nature—a conch shell, in fact.  Designed by architect Kotaro Ide (Japan), the house was 18 months in the planning and subsequent creation. Not surprisingly, construction took two and a half years! Building such an organic and fluid shape cannot have been easy.  But, look at the result!

Photo: Skylights allow natural light into interior “Shell House”

Location for this property is Nagano Prefecture in Japan, where humid summers and cold winters can be a BIG challenge for more typical wooden structures. Architect Ide opted for reinforced concrete instead.

Photo:  Concrete structure draws a continuous line between courtyard and home

The house is raised 1400 mm, which gives a look of “floating” masses. Terraces all  incorporate wood into a more traditional Japanese landscape. The reason: to create balance between the futuristic, man-made look of the home and the surrounding environment.

AND “Shell House” was only planned to be a “vacation home.” I could live here year round!

Photo: End views of “Shell House”–an extruded conch shell with windows at both ends


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